Brass Tube C28000

Brass-Tube Series

Brass Tube C28000

Brass Tube C28000


   Ticknes O.D. 0.019"to0.023" 0.023"to0.031" 0.031"to0.039" 0.039"to0.047" 0.047"to0.059" 0.059"to0.078" 0.078"to0.12" 0.12"to0.16"
1/4"to 1/2" o o o o o --- --- ---
1/2"to3/4" o o o o o o --- ---
3/4"to1" ---  o o o o o o ---
1"to1-3/8" --- --- o o o o o o
1-3/8"to2" --- --- --- o o o o o
2"to2-3/4" --- --- --- o o o o  ---

Comparison table of chemical composition & mechaical propecties of the product as per domestic and foreign standards

Standard Copper Alloy No.  Chemical Compositon Cu%   Temper  Tensile Strength   Elongation Grain   Size     
ASTM B135  C28000  59.0 to 63.0 o >=315 >=35 0.025"to 0.060" 
1/2H >=375 >=15     ---
  H  >=450    ---     ---

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