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"Hailiang Copper Tube Manufacturer"

Build Century Hailiang;Create World-classic Brand

The brand"HAILIANG" is honored as China Famous Brand.


Coppper Processing · Products

 Aim: Becoming a global leading study-oriented company in the copper processing industry.

Copper processing –Zhejiang Production Base Two main product groups for Zhejiang Hailiang Co., Ltd.

The products including refrigeration tube, construction tube, copper alloy tube, copper & copper alloy fittings and tube for other applications. These tubes are generally used in field of air-conditioning refrigeration, construction piping, equip manufacturing, auto industry, electronic and communication, traffic and transportation, hardware and mechanism, electric power, seawater desalting etc.

















Copper Processing - Brand Stratagem 

 Based on copper processing, Hailiang insists on its brand strategy. Consider technology innovation, service innovation and management innovation as the bedrock, Hailiang aims to elevate the connotation, credit, worth and loyalty of the brand persistently.
















Copper Processing -Internationalization

 Market Internationalization Hailiang aims to consolidate the first status of copper tubing exportation, establish and complete the producing management system with international standard. In order to set up a global distribution net, Hailiang insists on extending exportation, enlarging the force of overseas market exploration, accumulating the global competition experience and training international ability person.

Producing Internationalization To complete global producing system, Hailiang planned to built overseas facilities in countries like benefiting the low producing cost and favorite policy there. At the same time, the company aims to enlarge the cooperation on personnel, technology and information and bring in and absorb advanced technology to upgrade the configuration and competition of the property.

Copper Processing · Capital Operation Stratagem

 Based on industry and capital market, taking capital operation as the ligament, Hailiang aims to realize the amalgamation of industry capital and financial capital. Hailiang also focus on strict control of the risk and the profit of dormant partner, aims to realize the health development of the Company.























































Copper Processing


Copper processing is the where the company started and remained its core industry. In 2002, HAILIANG’s copper products output and sales reached 120,000 tons, making it the first enterprise in China with copper products output over 100,000 tons. From 2002 to 2007, HAILIANG continued to focus on copper processing and integrated global resources to build itself into one of the most competitive multinationals in the world’s copper processing industry.

Headquarter In Zhejiang


Zhejiang Hailiang Co. Ltd.’s owns three industry zones, covering with a total of 482000 square meters, specializing in the research, developing, producing, marketing and after-sales service of copper tubes, copper fittings, and Copper alloy materials of all kinds and following different production standards. Hailiang has now become the largest manufacture of Precision Copper Rods in .

















Shanghai Operation


Shanghai Hailiang Co. Ltd is located in Fengxian district of shanghai, adjacent to the Pudong International Airport and Yangshan Deep Water Port. The first project which covers 70000 square meters has been completed and start production in August 2008. The length of single workshop in this project is 778 meters and the width is 90 meters, equipped with advanced copper production line. It is the largest copper tube producing workshop in the world.



Factory in Vietnam


Vietnam Hailiang Metal products Co., Ltd. is Hailiang’s first overseas copper processing enterprises. This factory covers 28600 square meters. Its first project (copper alloy rods project) went into production in July 2007. Vietnam plant is the prelude for Hailiang from product internationalization to production base globalization..

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