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Insulated Copper Tubes/Pipes

Insulated Copper Tubes

Insulated Copper Tubes/ pipes for the installation of ACR units.

Nature of Heat Insulator
TestUnitOnside of insulatorInside of insulator
Tensile Strength N/mm[kg/cm²] 31.5x10[3.2] 29.5x10[3.0]
Elongation % 70 100
Compression strain %(25%) 3.4 6
Water-absorbing capacity 0.003 0.008
Conductivity factor W/(m k)[kcal/m²h°C ] 0.040[0.035] 0.038[0.033]
Temperature of heat resisting °C -40°~120° -40°~120°

Standard size(inch)
TypeSize d2xt2/d1xt1O.D.of the tube d1d2d3Thickness of Insulator T1t2t3t4LengthMaterialWeight Pounds/feet
-P23201/4"x0.032 3/8"x0.0321.02" 0.87" 1.89"0.35" 0.2"30ft~100ft00.233
-P23301/4"x0.032 1/2"x0.0321.30" 0.87" 2.17"0.394" 0.2"30ft~100ft00.286
-P24201/4"x0.032 3/8"x0.0391.42" 0.87" 2.29"0.394" 0.2"30ft~100ft00.390
-P36203/8"x0.0329 3/4"x0.0391.54" 1.02" 2.56"0.394" 0.2"30ft~100ft00.569
-P46201/2"x0.032 3/4"x0.0391.54" 1.30" 2.84"0.394" 0.2"30ft~100ft00.629
-P25201/4"x0.032 5/8"x0.0321.42" 1.02" 2.44"0.394" 0.2"30ft~100ft00.440

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