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Good News | Hailiang Won Level A in Wind ESG Rating, an Authoritative Recognition!

2022.05.10 342

Recently, Hailiang won Level A in Wind ESG rating with the comprehensive performance of 7.75 points, which is a recognition of authoritative agency for Hailiang on its road of pursuing excellence!

ESG is the acronym of Environment, Social and Governance, and an investment concept concerning the enterprise environment, society, and governing performance. Based on ESG evaluation, the investors are able to evaluate the contribution of their investment actions and the enterprises (investment object) in promoting the sustainable development, performing social responsibilities, etc.

Wind is a famous domestic financial data and analysis tool service supplier, providing information for many domestic famous academic research institutions, mainstream English media, research reports, academic thesis data and information. Wind ESG rating is a local characteristic ESG rating indicator system constructed as per the ESG characteristics of Chinese enterprises based on relevant domestic and overseas policies and standards and the unique data collection, analysis and processing capacity of Wind after many years of profound research. The system includes the three dimensions of environment, society, and governance, and comprehensively reflects the practical level of ESG management of the enterprise.

Since its listing, Hailiang always has always stuck to “benefitting from the society and returning to the society”, persistently practiced the development concept of “emphasizing enterprise profits but seeking social benefits more”, released Social Responsibility Report annual, and disclosed the achievements as well as middle and long term development objective in the company, society, environment governing, etc. Especially in the environment, to support the carbon neutrality and carbon peak goal released by the state, Hailiang plans to strive for reducing the carbon emission by 20% to 30% by 2030 by powerful means of energy saving and carbon emission reduction through technology, the recycling of secondary copper, photovoltaic power generation, etc., helping achieve the carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and safeguarding the clean water and green mountains.

The development history of Hailiang is an epitome and example of China’s manufacturing and industry upgrading development process, as well as a model of leading the industry development and returning the society after its prosperity.

Hailiang has been striving for providing excellent products and services for customers, creating rational earnings and returns for the shareholders, providing a good employment and growth platform for the employees and conveying advanced management experience and manufacturing experience for the industry.

Hailiang has changed the previous pattern of overemphasis of technology and serious pollution of the copper processing industry for environmental protection and green development through constant technological R&D and process and equipment improvement. Hailiang sticks to the ingenuity manufacturing spirits, serves the social livelihood with high quality products and makes due contribution for pushing the economic development.

Guided by the objective of “achieving leap-forward development of smart manufacturing of nonferrous materials, Hailiang will span over the product end and application end, upgrade the traditional manufacturing into green and smart manufacturing, and make more contribution for the social and economic development.