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Blue Collar Post Eco-system Engineering Kick-off Conference of Guangdong Hailiang Held Successfully

2022.05.10 286

Recently, Guangdong Hailiang Co., Ltd. held blue collar post eco-system engineering kick-off conference. General manager Lou Xianqi and assistant general manager Chen Bingxuan of Guangdong Hailiang, blue collar promotion group head of Hailiang Xiong Shuangkui, members of the blue collar promotion group, responsible persons of each department of Guangdong Hailiang, and employee representatives of blue collar posts, totally more than 200 persons, participated in the kick-off conference.

On the conference, Xiong Shuangkui introduced the overview, concept and objective of the blue collar post eco-system construction engineering of Hailiang. He wished Hailiang to keep on, spare no efforts, gather all strengths, and cooperate together to build a blue collar team with high professional skill quality and excellent executing force, and set a model of skills of the industry with the objective of becoming a eagle team of the Pearl River Delta Region.

Lou Xiaoqin put forward explicit work arrangement for the blue collar post eco-system construction of Guangdong Hailiang, elaborated the important significance of the blue collar eco-system for the employees’ skill improvement and vocation development and team market competitiveness enhancement, expressed his full support as well as encouraged wide employees of Guangdong Hailiang to participate in the blue collar post eco-system actively, and stressed that all competitors should cherish this training opportunities, study conscientiously and actively prepare for the competition.

On the kick-off conference, Chen Bingxuan put forward the following requirements for the promotion of the blue collar post eco-system construction engineering: I. Wish all employees to cherish this blue collar engineering promotion opportunity, actively participate in the procedure training, and try the best to learn theoretical knowledge; II. Require all competitors to actively prepare for the competition, show their best level and achieve their best performance in the competition; the training group to prepare their lessons well, teach conscientiously, and impart the procedure contents to the employees thoroughly; the assessing team to be “fair, open and just” and have no fraudulence; and other departments to try their best to guarantee the smooth promotion of the blue collar engineering.

Liao Fenghou addressed as the employee representative. He said that the blue collar post eco-system engineering takes “worshipping craftsman spirit and building the core competitiveness of fundamental management of manufacturing enterprise” as the core concept, takes the cultivation of blue collar post workers into professional “craftsman” as the standing point; and the eco-system construction improves the company management efficiency, enterprise benefits and employee quality, which makes the wide employee see the hope that they can make their own contributions on the post through this practice and achieve the common development with the enterprise.

Finally, Lou Xianqi announced the official kick-off of the blue collar post eco-system construction of Guangdong Hailiang. He wished the wide employees to perform their best in this project, follow the market change closely, and set sail for walking far in their career in the tide of the age, and forge ahead for achieving the grand vision of Hailiang to become “a leader of the global nonferrous industry ecology”!