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Focus on safety | The fourth Safety Knowledge Competition of Hailiang came to a successful conclusion

2022.05.10 682

Focusing on the theme of “Take responsibility and promote development of safety”, Hailiang held a variety of safety activities in 2021 to create a safe, harmonious and stable ecological environment of company’s development, further to spread knowledge of laws and regulations of safe production, enhance employees' awareness and improve their ability of management of safe production.

On December 4, the fourth Safety Knowledge Competition of Hailiang came to a successful conclusion. This competition combined with the safety training for millions of employees held by Zhejiang Emergency Management Department, in which 6 teams from 7 domestic production bases of Hailiang participated after over a month of fierce competition. The main venue of the competition is located in the headquarter of Hailiang in Zhejiang, in which all bases participated via live link. Zhu Zhangquan, chairman and general manager of Hailiang, Dong Zhiqiang and Sun Hongjun, deputy general manager of Hailiang, and others attended. Sun Yongwei, chief of Zhuji Emergency Management Bureau legal Section, He Guanping, vice President of Trade Union Federation of Hailiang and deputy minister of Safety Supervision Department, and Sun Zhimin, vice minister of Energy, Security and Environmental Protection Department of Hailiang be the judges.

In the final, there are compulsory questions, questions answered by team leaders, risk questions, additional questions, interaction with audience and other parts, which are mainly based and extended on safety regulations. These questions not only include the assessment of common sense of safety theory, but also the test of safety skills. Methods like randomly selected questions, scoring by judges and judging on the spot were adopted in the competition to ensure fair and just.18 participants from 6 teams competed on the stage, showing their abundant knowledge and skills of safety and at the same time, they remained their own style.

Wonderful singing programs were inserted into the exciting final, in which three singers displayed their excellent voice. Their songs vividly combined knowledge of safety with practical work, deeply impressing audience with awareness of safety and pushing the atmosphere of the scene to a climax.

Singing songs of safety

The audience from bases in Zhejiang is nearly matched with the competitors in terms of safety knowledge. In the interaction with audience, they can answer all kinds of safety problems with all ease, getting exquisite gifts.

   “Luck is also a part of the strength.”, a lucky dog in raffle said, and then left all other audience with a image with name and merit hidden.


After a round of fierce competition, representatives from Hailiang (Chongqing) Copper Industry Co., Ltd. won the championship in this competition, Hailiang (Guangdong) Copper Industry Co., Ltd. won the second place, and Hailiang (Chengdu Bede) Copper Industry Co., Ltd. won the third place. At the same time, Xie Liangjian, Liu Shuying and Hu Wenfei respectively from Hailiang ( Chongqing ) Copper Industry Co., Ltd., Hailiang ( Guangdong ) Copper Industry Co., Ltd. and Hailiang ( Anhui ) Copper Industry Co., Ltd. won personal honor of “expert of safety knowledge ”, “model of safety knowledge”, and “intellectual of safety knowledge” for their excellent performance in the competition. Zhu Zhangquan, chairman and general manager of Hailiang, Dong Zhiqiang, deputy general manager of Hailiang, Sun Hongjun, deputy general manager of Hailiang, and Jiang Lirong, general manager of Department of Copper Pipeline BU of Hailiang, gave medals and prizes to the winners.

Zhu Zhangquan, chairman and general manager of Hailiang, delivered a speech on stage, expressing heartfelt congratulations on the perfect close of this competition and all the winners, and fully recognizing the hard work of the organizers and participants. He hoped that the Hailiang would continue to hold various safety activities, continuously improve management of safety production, and keep a healthy and stable development of company.

Focus on safety

Life has only one, please keep safety in mind!

More awareness of safety, less threat of accident.

Let’s work together to create a beautiful life!