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Hailiang successfully held its digital seminar

2022.05.10 2022

In order to speed up its digital transformation and promote its technologicalpower, Hailiang held a digital seminar on November 20, which discussed and analyzed the topics about comprehensive promotion of its informationization and digital construction.

Sun Hongjun, the vicegeneral manager of Hailiang, presided over the seminar and introduced the background of the digital project of Hailiang.

Wang Zhenzhou, an expert of Huawei Cloud Digital Transformation consulting team, made a detailed analysis from various dimensions such as strategic demand and current situation of informationization, emphasized the necessity of promoting the implementation of digital strategy, interpreted four digital application scenarios, clarified the direction of digital transformation, and finally discussed advanced cases in the industry. Wang Zhiyuan, the director of Huawei Cloud Digital Transformation consulting team, proposes the concept of data assets at the meeting, and stressed its importance. He also pointed out that digital transformation needs to focus on the promotion of efficiency and to seek breakthroughs.

Chen Gang, head of Information Management Department of Hailiang, made a report from two aspects of current situation and planning of digital construction and direction of digital development. Chen Dong, director of Financial Management Department of Hailiang, brought out a topic on “thinking about the construction of financial value creation system in digital era”, making a summary about his financial work over the years from four aspects: financial core function, financial information system, budget performance management system, industry and finance integration.

Zhu Zhangquan, chairman and general manager of Hailiang, expressed gratitude on behalf of Hailiang to the consulting team of Huawei for its providing professional guidance. He also said that Hailiang would stick to the path of the digital transformation, and to provide comprehensive support for its strategic objectives in 2025 through promotion of its operating efficiency and product quality driven by digital transformation.

Feng Hailiang, president of Hailiang Mingde Institute, Cao Jianguo, chairman of the Board of Directors of Hailiang Group, delivered a speech respectively, expressing their gratitude to Huawei consulting team on behalf of Hailiang. They claimed that they were looking forward to and firmly believed in the achievements that Hailiang would get in the near future on the road of digital transformation.

The participants fully exchanged views with Huawei consulting experts on digital strategic planning, and the seminar ended in a warm applause. It is believed that the digital construction of Hailiang will go faster and more stable in the future.

Ministerial and above management staff of Hailiang attended the meeting.