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Go together with Hailiang (Gansu), perform wonders with “copper” and “foil” | High-performance copper foil material project of an annual output of 150,000 tons of Hailiang (Gansu) New Energy Materials Co., LTD. started

2022.05.10 2011

On December 16,High-performance copper foil material project of an annual output of 150,000 tons of Hailiang (Gansu) New Energy Materials Co., LTD. started in Lanzhou New Area, which marked the formal landing of the project, a leap-forward development of Hailiang’s intelligent manufacturing once again , and a further step towards the goal of “ becoming a global non-ferrous industry ecological leader”.

Zhang Jingang, vice governor of Gansu Province, Feng Hailiang, founder of Hailiang, and Cao Jianguo, chairman of Hailiang Group attended the ceremony. Wang Yang, deputy director of the Management Committee of Lanzhou New Area Party Working Committee presided the ceremony.

Zhu Zhangquan, chairman and general manager of Hailiang (Zhejiang), director of the Board of Directors of Hailiang Group, on behalf of Hailiang Group, expressed his gratitude to party committees, governments and departments at all levels, including Lanzhou New District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, for their help and guidance for Hailiang all the time. He said that Hailiang would integrate superior resources, guarantee the intensity and progress of investment in the project of copper and foil, and make every efforts to promote the construction of projects to strive for the early completion of production of the first phase in the third quarter of next year, rewrite history and create new record in project schedule of Hailiang, and make contribution for the construction of western new city built in Lanzhou high industrial concentration area and the revitalization of “made in Lanzhou”.

Li Dongxin, deputy secretary of Lanzhou New District Party Working Committee and director of Management Committee, said that the investment of 890 million Yuan to the project of an annual output of 150,000 tons of high-performance copper foil materials is another major achievement of Lanzhou New Area's efforts to implement precise investment of industrial chain. The successful implementation of the project will accelerate the assembling of upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain, and form the world's largest copper foil material production base in Lanzhou New Area, providing important support for the Lanzhou to expand and strengthen its new material and new energy industry. Taking this project as an opportunity, Lanzhou New Area will continue to promote the marketing environment, push the assembling of companies, and optimize the efficiency of land, guarantee the demand of land use, labor, energy and approval of projects in all-direction, all-weather and all-chain services to promote the early completion, production and operation of projects.

Cao Tianmin, inspector of General office of the provincial level, Yang Jian zhong, municipal committee of Lanzhou and the new secretary of the working party, Jiang Xiaodong, vice mayor of Lanzhou city, Li Kaiming, inspector of the province's hall secondary, Chen Fengyan, director of the provincial Economic Cooperation Center, Luo Yaozong, new District Party Working Committee and director of Working committee Office and other leaders, attendees such as He Mingxing, Chen Leisheng, Feng Xiping, Wang Wenyong, He Deyan and vice president of Hailiang, Wang Shuguang attended the ceremony.

On December 15, Zhu Tianshu, standing Committee of Gansu Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of Lanzhou Municipal Party Committee and First Secretary of new District Party Working Committee, met Feng Hailiang and others. Zhu Tianshu fully recognized the Hailiang’s achievements in industry development, express congratulations and support for the implement of its project of an annual production of 150,000 tons of high-performance copper foil materials, and give praise to its perseverance of being an enterprise performing education career and health industry. At the same time, he introduced Gansu's resource superiority and expressed the will to deepen cooperation with Hailiang in the fields of colored materials, education and health.

Hailiang’s project of an annual output of 150,000 tons of high-performance copper foil material

Based on the strategic goal of being a leader in copper-based new materials, Hailiang made a major decision to have the project of an annual output of 150,000 tons of high-performance copper foil materials. It is a major measure for Hailiang to fulfill its social responsibility and sustainable and healthy development under the background of global climate change and “double carbon” goals.

The project is located in Zhongchuan Park, Lanzhou New District. After all the three phases are put into operation, the production capacity of high-performance copper foil will be 150,000 tons per year, including 120,000 tons of lithium copper foil and 30,000 tons of standard copper foil. The first phase will be put into production in the fourth quarter of 2022.

This project of high-performance copper foil material is a landmark of Hailiang’s deeper cooperation with Lanzhou. Early as ten years ago, Hailiang has already established its branch in Lanzhou, involved in the city construction. In 2019, Hailiang education set in Lanzhou, achieved the construction of the school and students enrolled more than expected, and created the “Hailiang speed” in Lanzhou within a year with the support of the party committees, governments at all levels and relevant departments of Lanzhou and Gansu. Now, with the project of high-performance copper foil material fallen to the ground, Hailiang education and intellectual manufacturing of non-ferrous materials as two key industry being in full bloom in Lanzhou, Lanzhou and Gansu displayed their role as an important hub for the northwest of our country opening outside, and the party committees and governments at all levels also showed the trust in Hailiang.

Based on, born for and developed upon copper, Hailiang has become one of the largest and most competitive enterprises in the production and sales of copper tubes and copper bars in the world after nearly 32 years of development. Hailiang has 20 production bases in Asia, America and Europe with its marketing network radiates to the world. Nowadays, more than 300 leading guests, customers, suppliers and employee representatives gathered in Lanzhou New Area to witness the birth of the 21st production base.