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Hailiang was rated as an industrial Internet platform in Zhejiang province in 2021

2022.05.10 650

Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology released 2021 provincial industrial Internet platform list, in which Hailiang’s “industrial Internet platform of low-carbon intelligent manufacturing of precise copper tube” ranked.

Zhejiang provincial Industrial Internet platform is a project held by its provincial Department of Economy and Information technology aimed to carry out document Implementation of the People's Government of Zhejiang Province on Accelerating the Development of Industrial Internet to Promote High-Quality Development of Manufacturing and spirit in documents on deepening the integration of information technology and manufacturing in new generation, to further improve its “1+N”Industrial Internet platform system and better play its crucial role to the construction of digital economy system.

In this platform, platform of “enterprise-level” focuses on the development needs of digitization, networking and intelligence of the upstream and downstream industrial chain ecosystem of enterprises, shares its resources and abilities, and solves the problems like fragmentation of information system, difficult data sharing and poor synergistic effect of upstream and downstream enterprises, promoting its accurate docking of industrial chain resources, optimizing allocation of resources and realizing efficient operation.

Hailiang’s industrial Internet platform of low-carbon intelligent manufacturing of precise copper tube is based on its independent controllable industrial Internet platform, self-developed and introduced intelligent management system and intelligent equipment, based on end-to-end data flow, and supported by network interconnection, to create a new industrial mode of intelligent operation, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics and build an internationally leading intelligent factory of high-end precise copper pipe.

The history of Hailiang’s development is an epitome and model of the development of China's manufacturing and industrial, as well as a typical model of the enterprise leading the development of the industry and repaying the society after being stronger. Hailiang has always been dedicated to providing customers with quality products and services, seeking reasonable income and return for shareholders, providing employees with a good platform for employment and growth, and introducing advanced management concepts and manufacturing experience for the industry. Moreover, it also protects environment through continuous research, development and improvement of technology and equipment, trying to achieve green development. Hailiang holds the spirit of craftsmanship, and serve the society with high-quality products, making contributions to promote economic development.