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Work together to fight against COVID-19! Hailiang is on the way!

2022.05.10 824

Recently, corona-virus in Zhejiang province was severe and complex. Hailiang (Zhejiang) Base promptly launched plan to further ensure health and safety, and made every efforts to build a solid barrier to prevent and control the epidemic.

December, 11  Start of emergency plan for COVID-19 prevention and control

According to the real-time changes of the epidemic, Hailiang started staff checking and communication and daily information sorting mechanism, recorded dynamic statistics of personnel information, and did well in the procurement and deployment of epidemic prevention materials and logistics support.

December, 12 Mobilization order issued by the Party Committee for epidemic prevention and control

In response to the call of the headquarter, all party members of party organizations at all levels of Hailiang were motivated to spread the spirit of righteousness in publicity, take responsibility in prevention and control of COVID-19, strive to set an example in personal protection, and stick to the original in serving others. Under the strong leadership of the party organizations and the government at higher level, and on the premise of ensuring security, staffs of Hailiang work together as a whole to overcome difficulties and make contributions to the war against the COVID-19.

December, 13  “All should be fully checked should be checked”, implement of complete nucleic acid sampling test

According to the needs of prevention and control of COVID-19, Hailiang promptly implemented the requirements of epidemic prevention, set up centralized sampling sites in three parks of Hailiang (Zhejiang) Base, and organized all employees to do nucleic acid testing in a safe and orderly way through careful preparation.


The quarantine office worked overnight to make preparations

In the evening on December 12, the staff of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Office of Hailiang and volunteers worked together overnight to set up nucleic acid sampling sites and isolation lines to ensure the nucleic acid testing taken in an orderly way.

In the meantime, all staffs were informed to prepare the QR code for nucleic acid testing, and fill in the information in advance through scientific epidemic prevention, saving a lot of time for nucleic acid testing the next day.

All the people were tested for nucleic acid, and the scene was in good order

Salute to all the volunteers and staff!

Salute to every ordinary people working in ordinary positions!

On December 13, a total number of 3045 people were sampled at the three sampling sites of Hailiang, which were all negative.

COVID-19 prevention, Hailiang is on the way!

Hailiang will stick to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, put health and safety of all staff as the highest, and give consideration to epidemic prevention and control and various work to win the battle against COVID-19 with the shortest time, fastest speed, highest efficiency and strictest measures.