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Innovate Services to Promote Development | Hailiang Hold an Approval of Carrying Out the Customs Tax Guarantee Business

2022.08.18 1600

Recently, Hailiang Group Finance Co., Ltd. passed the inspection of Hangzhou Customs, becoming the first approved private enterprise in Zhejiang Province. It was officially listed in the enterprise group finance company guarantee list, and was approved to carry out customs tax guarantee business.

Enterprise group finance company guarantee is one of the important measures for innovative and diversified customs tax guarantee, that is, Hailiang can apply to the customs for tax guarantee with the letter issued by the Hailiang Group finance company. It breaks through the traditional limitation that customs tax guarantee can only be handed by bank guarantees or deposits. Meanwhile, the company does not need to apply for letter of guarantee, pay the relevant handing fees or the corresponding mortgage deposit to the bank, which greatly reduces the financial pressure and guarantee cost of customs clearance guarantee and effectively helps companies to reduce burden and increase efficiency.

Hailiang has a 33-year history of copper processing and production, with 21 production bases in Asia, America and Europe. It is a global leader in the copper pipe and rod processing industry. In order to realize its steady and rapid development and effectively reduce its risks brought by the fluctuations of copper price and exchange rate, Hailiang has formed a complete set of risk control management system with the intelligent supply chain management system as the core, which has been fully implemented in the industrial chain and become a learning benchmark for the whole industry. In the future, Hailiang will take the integration of upstream and downstream industrial chains and the establishment of flexible trade fulcrums as the construction ideas to improve the stability of supply chain and greatly improve the efficiency of trade circulation.

In the implementation of the Ten Measures to the Stability Promotion and Quality Improvement of Foreign Trade issued by the General Administration of Customs and the conduction of the precise service of “100 Groups in 10 Places to Help 1,000 Enterprises”, Hangzhou Customs learned that Hailiang has a large number of import business, and it meets the requirements for the application in enterprise group finance company guarantee. To reduce the cost of customs clearance and ensure the smooth development of business in Hailiang, Hangzhou Customs moves the service checkpoints forward. And it actively conducts policy presentations for Hailiang, collects its relevant information and guides it to complete the application materials. At the same time, Hangzhou Customs closely follows the progress of project approval to promote the success of Hailiang’s projects with practical actions.

Hangzhou Customs wholeheartedly serves Hailiang’s operation and development, and solves its difficulties and pain points by all means, which effectively reduces its pressure on the capital turnover. This Customs also further expands the import and export business and adds momentum to the better and faster development of Hailiang which helps to achieve high-quality development.

Listed in the enterprise group finance company guarantee list, is the recognition of Hailiang by the customs. Hailiang will fully grasp the policy dividend, set an example for other companies, control financial risks, solidly promote the import trade of raw materials and actively build a more complete supply chain system.