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The Commendation Conference of Skills Competition for Blue Collars of Coil Pipe Production Department of Hailiang Held Successfully

2022.05.10 253

Recently, the Coil Pipe Production Department of Copper Pipeline BU of Hailiang held the commendation conference of skills competition for blue collars. The vice general manager of the Coiled Pipe Production Department of the Copper Pipeline BU Zhou Guang and relevant department responsible person as well as blue collar employees, etc. participate in this conference.

The head of Line 3 of the Coiled Pipe Production Department Ma Qibiao presided over the conference, sorted out and summarized the normalized management work of the blue collar project of the Coiled Pipe Production Department: the Coiled Pipe Production Department started the first blue collar skills competition in 2018, with 286 workers participating in it, and has carried out for 5 terms, with the participants more than 314 workers. This competition selected 4 Level I blue collars, 25 Level II blue collars, and 109 Level III blue collars. Since the Coiled Pipe Production Department carried out the blue collar engineering project, with the rise of the employees’ participation, the significance and value of blue collar post eco-system was manifested thoroughly, and all the employees of the Production Department raised requirements on their own professional skill qualities and working performance standard constantly.

Level I blue collar employee Pan Dongdong addressed as the representative of the blue collars: through standard textbook training and study and examination on knowledge which should be acquired, I mastered more professional knowledge and skills, made up my deficiency in theoretical knowledge. As the most fundamental as well as an important part of the blue collar assessment, the daily performance requires us to be down to earth while keeping high efficiency and pursue excellence with a pragmatic attitude and the spirit of pursuing the perfect.

Zhou Guang congratulated the employees passing this blue collar rating and assessment, and pointed out the key points for subsequent blue collar normalized management work: 1. Enhance the fundamental management work and do each job meticulously and finely; 2. The management staff should care for the employee’s life while doing a good job in the guiding work, and make the employees feel the warmth of Hailiang.; 3. The blue collar employee should have the spirits of innovation, fighting and devoting. Then, Zhou Guang, Wang Zhenming and Zhang Jianjiang represented the company to praise the excellent employees wining Level I, II, and III blue collar in this competition.

Blue collar craftsman is the craftsman of the new age, owning noble vocational ethics, as well as the creation spirit of pursuing excellence, the quality spirit of pursuing the perfect, and the service spirit of the customer utmost, needs to not only base on the post, but also develop toward knowledge type and technical expansion type talents, so as to make huger contribution for the enterprise development.

The blue collar post eco-system project takes “upholding the craftsman spirit and building the core competitiveness for the base management of manufacturing enterprises” as the core concept, takes the cultivation of blue collar post workers into professional “craftsman” as the base foothold, improve the company’s management efficiency, the enterprise profits, and the employees’ capability quality through the eco-system construction, so as to achieve the common development between the employee and the enterprise.