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The Vice Chairman of CPPCC, etc. of Zhuji City Visited Hailiang to Investigate the Construction Work of “5G+ Internet“

2022.05.10 1444

On June 3rd, the vice chairman of CPPCC of Zhuji City Xu Keyi, Yang Lei, etc. visited Hailiang to carry out the special investigation on “5G + Internet”. Vice general manager of Hailiang Dong Zhiqiang, head of the Information Management Department of Hailiang Chen Gang, etc., accompanied for the investigation.

The investigation group had field visit to the coiled pipe production workshop and smart production workshop for red copper pipe fitting of Zhejiang Base of Hailiang. With the explanation of Dong Zhiqiang, the investigation group members understood the application of smart production line and workshop production condition of Hailiang, has more comprehensive cognition for the new equipment, new technique and new technology of the company, and showed highly recognition for the multiple achievements of Hailiang in industrial informationization.

In the central control room of the smart production workshop of the red copper pipe fittings, Chen Gang introduced the construction condition of industrial informationization platform of Hailiang to the investigation group in details. Hailiang combines the informationization and industrialization in depth. Take the smart workshop of red copper pipe fittings as an example. The company started to plan the design in 2018, constructed digital production line with independent intellectual property by improving the original pipe fitting production technology and researching and developing equipment, with the employee feeding, inspection, job booking, etc. all substituted by robots, achieved the “human-machine exchange”, enabled the real time display of operation state of the workshop equipment, production progress by the system terminal through the background control room, as well as arrange production schedule and work order placement through the central control system. After the digital production, the labor is reduced by 75%, the efficiency is risen by 300%, and the production cost is reduced by 40%.

Relying on the digital production line, Hailiang builds more comprehensive industrial Internet platform, leads in achieving the enterprise upgrading from digital production to digital management. The company positively introduces MES system (i.e. manufacturing executive system, including data collection, simulation, etc.), the factory control center, data analysis system, cloud computation, and other smart software management systems, achieves series connection of the production line and the workshop, which may be promoted and copied, so in the future, it enables to achieves the series connection of data and information sharing of all the affiliated enterprises.

Meanwhile, starting from the top layer design, Hailiang formulated scientific and technological innovation strategy requirements in equipment, technology, product, etc., extended upstream and downstream relationship, connected the customer, supplier and public service unit in, to build the industrial Internet platform of Hailiang, gave full play to the core driving role of the industrial Internet, so as to achieve the interconnection of upstream and downstream enterprises and pull the full industry chain to complete digital transformation.